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Located in the heart of the Balkans, Bulgaria has an extremely varied landscape, dominated by the vast plain north of the Danube and to the south by mountains and plateaus. The Black Sea coast, east, attracts many tourists throughout the year. Founded in 681, Bulgaria is one of the most ancient states of the European continent. The country's history has been influenced by its geographical location, on the border with Asia. The population consists for about 85% of Orthodox Christians and 13% Muslims. About 10% of the population are of Turkish origin while 3% are Roma. Also concerning the culinary tradition, the typical Bulgarian dishes are a mixture of Eastern and Western flavors. The most famous Bulgarian food is probably yoghurt, reputed to ensure longevity to those who make regular use. The National Assembly of Bulgaria (unicameral parliament) consists of 240 members, elected for four years.The main exports of Bulgaria are light industrial products, foodstuffs and wines, very competitive in European markets.

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