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Since the countries of Eastern Europe, ended the Soviet bloc, have returned to be accessible to a wide audience, Romania is immediately jumped to the first places in the interests of travelers. A trip to Romania may in fact represent an alternative to conventional holiday and offer the opportunity to discover a world "different" and unique, where the passage of time has not affected use, age-old customs and traditions as well as does not compromise the traditional hospitality , kindness and hospitality of its inhabitants. Most part of the country has been free to the often disastrous consequences of the massive industrialization conducted during the Soviet regime (visible especially in the south of the country) and has retained scenarios bucolic rural and housing types that recall ancient times. After years of harsh communist regime of Ceausescu and the revolution of 1989, Romania was in fact the star of big changes both politically and economically and culturally. Most young people have quickly adapted, but the previous generation, who lived years of terror and misery and who still live in villages where time seems to stand still, is still light years away from this change. therefore an occasion to try to understand a particular country that is still looking for its own identity, full of contradictions and difficult to decipher, but with which we face more and more, especially now that he's joined the European Union.

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